Distribution & Logistics Employees

Craig Huchel
Supply Chain Business Unit Leader

"It’s an adventure being a Distribution and Supply Chain Recruiter with iRiS Supply Chain Recruiting! I get to help many clients fill various types of Distribution and Supply Chain jobs and in turn ...

Haley Holdaway
Supply Chain Executive Assistant to Craig Huchel; Supply Chain Business Unit Leader

After leaving a long career in education, Haley joined Craig's team in the fall of 2021.  She functions as a researcher and assists the Supply Chain team in finding the right candidates for hard ...

Andrew VanAelst
Supply Chain Account Manager

Andrew joins the iRiS Supply Chain & Logistics team, bringing his unique insider knowledge of the Supply Chain and Distribution markets to meet the needs of his candidates and clients.Prior to ...

Brian Heman
Supply Chain Business Unit Leader / Partner

As an experienced National Supply Chain Recruiter, Brian has worked with a variety of companies in Retail, Wholesale, Grocery, Foodservice, 3PL, Medical and E-commerce. In the last 3 ...

Brittany Wenger
Supply Chain Account Manager

Brittany Wenger brings 10+ years of recruiting experience, expansive knowledge and success to the iRiS retail team. Brittany built her career by leveraging professional network connections that ...

Tyler Hebert
Supply Chain Recruiter

When Tyler Hebert was first introduced to iRiS Recruiting Solutions, he was pursuing a dream of someday playing in the National Hockey League as he was excelling in the junior national developmental ...

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